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For availability, call 781-704-7654


We are so happy to share our beautiful vacation home with you and hope you enjoy your stay. Better yet, we hope you come back again soon. Please tell us whatever you would like to see different. Your opinion is important to us.


Your Property Manager, Scott Kingsley, is available at all times. He can be reached anytime at 781-665-7654. Please do not hesitate to call with your slightest need.


The telephone number is 978-283-5125. There are portable phones in the living room and two main bedrooms. There is a wall phone in the second floor hallway. All are 911 compatible. The level of service is toll-free nationwide, while international calls are blocked. The phone system will not function in the event of a power failure. If you require additional phone service, please contact the property manager.


High Speed internet is available for your enjoyment. The network ID is “BUOY 23” and is a secure connection. The passcode is found in the printed manual.


To turn on the system, simply press firmly the red “ALL ON” button at the top of the Comcast remote and hold until the black Sony Audio Amplifier starts. By default, you should be in television broadcast mode. Simply use the channel keys to select your programming. For volume control, press “aux” then use the volume control on the Comcast remote. You must press the “CABLE” selector on the top center of the remote to return to channel selection. Should you see a volume indicator on the screen, you have not put the remote in the “AUX” mode, and it will not work.

To turn off the system, while in “CABLE” mode, firmly press and hold the “ALL ON” button until the Black Sony Audio Amplifier stops. If at any time, the components become un-synchronized, simply manually turn on or off the TV, amplifier and cable box.

To operate the DVD player, use the Sony TV remote to re-route the video monitor to the DVD player. Press the “TV/VIDEO button until the monitor indicates it is on the “DVD/LD” channel. For audio, you must manually tune the smaller knob on the lower right of the large black Sony amplifier to “DVD/LD”. Adjust the volume using the larger knob. Be sure to return the video monitor to the “CABLE BOX” channel and the audio amplifier to “TV” to return to cable TV.


Some of the light fixtures can be operated by the two hand-held X-10 remotes provided to you. These include:

  1. Back Door recessed ceiling lamp
  2. Dining Room Chandelier (4 lamps)
  3. Inoperable
  4. Kitchen Table area recessed ceiling lamps
  5. Driveway floodlight
  6. Second Floor hallway
  7. Master Bedroom lamp
  8. All ON or OFF (Turns on or off all lights listed. Handy for emergencies)
  9. Kitchen table lamp


The blue buttons can be used to dim some of the lights, such as the dining room chandelier when turned on using the remote.

For security purposes, the system also turns some lights on and off in the evening (kitchen, hallway, small bedroom). If this is undesirable, either extinguish the light by remote or call your property manager to disable the system.


We have used these Bunn machines for many years and if you are a coffee lover, we are sure you will enjoy it. One of the features is that it stores a supply of hot water in the steel cylinder for instant hot coffee, tea, cocoa, or soup. However, if it is not used for several days, the hot water supply will evaporate. For that reason, you will find it unplugged on your arrival. It is advisable to plug it in on arrival if you plan to use it, and it will be ready for you after the initial 15 minutes. If you will not be using it, please leave it unplugged.

To brew coffee, fill the supplied decanter to the desired level with fresh cold water. The decanter is divided into four equal sections. Each section will provide two (2) cups of coffee and should be accompanied by one “scoop” of coffee in the filter basket. Half of the decanter wants two scoops, and so on, up to 8 cups. The cold water will quickly push the existing hot water through the system providing as much as a full pot of aromatic coffee very quickly. A supply of coffee filters is provided for your use. If desired, second pot can be brewed right away.

If you prefer hot water for tea, cocoa or soup, simply add cold water as described above with no coffee in the rinsed filter basket, and you will quickly get a supply of drinkable hot water.

Do not remove the pot from the machine until you are sure the liquid has stopped flowing, and be sure the warming base is off when the pot is empty. If the water is cold and the warming switch fails to light, be sure unit is plugged in and check the power button on the left rear of the machine. It should be left in the on position at all times. To power down the unit, simply pull the plug.


Fireplace is not functional. Please do not attempt to use.


The house is equipped with a 30 gallon natural gas fired water heater. The temperature is preset as high as practical to insure adequate volume, but for large parties, it may prove somewhat limited. We expect the installation of a high capacity system very soon, but in the meantime, conservative use of hot water is recommended.


The dishwasher is portable and must be rolled to the sink for use. To connect, pull out the water supply hose, pull back the locking ring, slide it onto the faucet being careful not to apply too much pressure against the faucet, and release the locking ring to secure it. Slowly turn on the water faucet while making sure your connection was secure. Turn the faucet fully back and toward the faucet for the hottest water. Next, pull out the power cord and plug into wall. Be certain that the sink is empty, even remove the strainer. The water discharge can cause anything in the sink to block the drain and cause an overflow.

We have left a supply of dishwashing detergent that will go into a dispenser inside the door.

When done, unplug the unit and turn off water faucet, press the red button on the hose connector to release pressure. Pull back the ring to remove from faucet. Tip the hose into the sink to drain residual water, retract the hose into the dishwasher back.


All old houses have their quirks, and this one involves the bathroom. As much as we have tried to seal the floor, quantities of water that hit the floor will end up in the television below. When showering, keeping the curtains fully closed will ensure no problems. When using the tub, should any water escape, please mop up as soon as possible.


Drawing from the local ancient granite quarries, Gloucester enjoys remarkable water. Unfortunately, the escalating cost of water and sewer services has cursed Gloucester with
the highest water and sewer rate in the nation. We will greatly appreciate your efforts to help us conserve water use.

Since the property is down-hill from the road, we have a pump unit in our sewer discharge system. It is maintained by the city, and is very reliable. However, in the event of a malfunction, the system will sound a loud buzzer outdoors and a yellow beacon will flash at the electric meter on the back of the house. Should this occur, please immediately stop all water and toilet use to avoid backup and flooding. No harm will be done unless more waste is sent into the system until reset. Technicians are on-call 24/7 and repairs will be made very rapidly, easily within the day. The system runs on the regular house mains power, so in the event of a power failure, it will not pump. Should there be a power failure, please conserve water use until power is restored.  

If you experience an alarm condition in the discharge system, immediately call the property manager, at 781-665-7654. In the unlikely event that he is not reached immediately, please call the service directly, at 978-281-3070.

The main entry door has a knob lock and deadbolt. Both use the same key. Use of the deadbolt during your stay is optional, but when checking out, it is preferred that you secure both locks. For your safety, it is recommended that this door be locked whenever you are on the beach for an extended period.

On the water side of the house, there are three doors, the screen door, living room entry door and one separating the porches. Whenever the house is unattended, please lock the screen door and the deadbolts on the others.

On checkout, please also close and lock all windows. When locking the new windows, be sure the top window is fully up and the lower fully down so that the locking mechanism will mesh. Please do not force the locks, if they are hard to activate, simply check the sash alignment.


The exterior decks can be very slippery, especially when wet and when one is wearing dress shoes, heels, leather soles. Please walk carefully in such conditions. Please do not lean on railings.


Rain and thunder storms can occur without warning. Always be prepared to close windows and doors with short notice.

The open porch is equipped with roll-up blinds and bungie cords to minimize rainwater in the porch. Roll the blinds down to the sill and attach the bungie cords vertically on the chromed eyelets above and below the shades. This will keep the wind from damaging the shades. Please leave shades down and bungies in place upon check-out. There is a broomstick squeegee in the back of the porch to easily sweep any water on the floor out the door. When rolling the shades up or down, please remove the bungies, otherwise the pressure will damage the shades.

Some storms may seem like they are quite violent, but the house has survived 70 years so far with no damage or injuries. A little vigilance will go a long way toward minimal cleanup and drying out. When leaving home for more than an hour or so, please close all windows, doors and porch shades to avoid possible water damage. 

Flashlights are located on each floor. Please familiarize yourself with their location should you need them in the dark. There is a camping candle in the kitchen hall closet for emergency use.


There are a couple of coyotes in the neighborhood. Should you encounter one, he will likely walk the other way if you do the same. There are many people, children and pets in the area, and none have been bothered by the coyotes, just don’t try to pet or feed them.

As you may already know, feeding any of the animals is not a good idea. Seagulls will come in a mob if you start to feed them. However, they will promptly digest your offerings and give them right back to you. We often get visits from a family of swans, but they are rather vicious and will attack and bite hard if you get too close. From a safe distance, they are quite docile fun to watch.

Please be careful of food and food waste outdoors, this will surely attract many unsavory visitors.

The driveway is circular, but a bit tight on the far side for anyone unfamiliar with it. It is recommended to drive up and down the main leg only, backing in or out as you may prefer. There is plenty of room for most cars to drive around to the telephone pole and back down to the garage, avoiding excessive backing in or out. Just watch the rock walls, they are unforgiving. Also, please drive slowly and avoid spinning out on the gravel to avoid ruts and flying rocks.


There is a Weber Grill with tools in the yard for your enjoyment. In the Kitchen hallway closet you will find charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid.


Lawn furniture is stacked in the yard and the cushions are in the closed porch. Please do not sit on the seats without cushions or they will be damaged. Storing the cushions indoors will ensure that they will be clean, fresh and dry for your enjoyment. Please do not take the furniture onto the dock or float as heavy winds could easily blow them away.


The green devices with propane tanks are mosquito traps to aid in your enjoyment of the property. They require no attention and are mounted in out-of-the-way locations. They are pretty much harmless, but please do not disturb them or allow children to play near them. You will hear a faint fan sound when they are operating. If you notice they have gone silent and/or you see a small blinking light on the rear of the unit head, you may want to notify the property manager so that they may be reactivated for your comfort.


We are very proud of our landscaping and are sure you will enjoy it. Occasionally, it will be necessary to cut the lawn during your visit. As much as we try to do this between guest visits, weather does not always allow it. If, during your stay, it is evident that a cutting is in order, please call the property manager so that we may arrange a time for the work that will minimize any inconvenience to you. 


Trash collection is on Wednesday mornings. You will find instructions on the refrigerator, but here are a few additional thoughts.

All trash must be out at the street very early Wednesday, and non-recyclable items must be in the purple city bags. You will find some in the white cabinet in the kitchen. Additional bags can be purchased for $2.00 each at the neighborhood convenience and grocery stores. On the far side of the garage, you will find lined barrels for bagged trash and a gray bucket for recyclable material. Any trash you have after Wednesday morning should be put in the regular trash bags provided (not purple), and we will remove it for you after your departure. Always store trash in the closed barrels and avoid putting trash out the night before to avoid animal infiltration.